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Moses is the only human buried by God himself. His grave was never found.
At the bottom of the sea creatures live that no-one ever saw.
Some beautiful butterflies fly without ever meeting a human eye.

There is something about the unheard and unseen, the guarded secret, the lost treasures.
‘anything’ is an experiment in structure and content. Trying to make something special with a common thing.
It will be played 24 times for 47 ears and afterwards it will be withdrawn and never played again.
The 24 listeners, who each had a private performance, will reflect upon the piece one week later and these REFLECTIONS are what will remain of the piece.
They will be recorded during a telephonecall;
this collection of telephonecalls will be on this website as an audiofile.
Reflections can be positive or negative, i dond’t mind,
as long as they are honest and come after an intense listening.

It's the memory that remains.
A memory, nothing more, nothing less,
in a time where everything and everyone has been
photographed, filmed and taped. A time in which
a piece of music only has value when heard by thousands,
if we believe politicians.
The truth is SO different...