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Intro In Situ asked me to make a work for De Lichtenberg, a series of site-specific concerts on the Pietersberg, a limestone hill in southern Limburg.
I composed a piece for the inner court of the Lichtenberg farmstead: a large space with beautiful reverberations and the old remains of a tower on one side.
4 loudspeakers: the main system placed on the far left and right of the courtyard,
1 loudspeaker on top of the old tower, 1 loudspeaker in the well.
The work is almost entirely based on the song of the robin, a bird greatly represented on the Lichtenberg.
I was secretly hoping for interaction with the local robins.
I divided the call of the robin into 5 stanzas and edited them into a combination of song and sonata.
Two-thirds into the piece, a different world intrudes: a memory of a manor in Wallonia,
and a mechanical bird.