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Anchorites, Seraphim and all Saints,
Principalities and Powers, Virtues of Heaven,
Holy Doctors of the Law, Thrones and Dominions,
Martyrs of Christ, Holy Confessors,                                    
pray, intercede for us,
Angels, Archangels,
all Apostles, Virgins of the Lord,
boatman and mechanic, administrative assistant and temporary worker,
father and mother, beautiful- and plain woman,
Minister and Secretary of State, benefactor and pawnbroker,
cripple and deaf, singer and guitar-player,
painter and writer, strong and weak man,
client and salesman, guardian Angel, cyclist and motorist,
spy and vagrant, lady of the manor,
stockholder, student, lawyer, postman,
elder and pastor, bank manager,
red bird, dead zebra, little black kitten,
surgeon and nurse, office worker,
help us,
intercede for us,
pray for me,
remember us.