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Reason or intuition, the head or the body;
in art it always seems to be about one or the other.
The seventies and eighties, in which I grew up, were devoted to reason,
now a shift seems to take place and the audience, slowly followed by the composer, turns to the senses.
Yet what is a body without a head?
Since 2005 I have been working on and off on ‘Aline et le corps sans tête’, a piece about ‘the underbelly’, in which a  tangled mass of cross-connections slide over one another; a dark, organic form, where one cannot clearly pinpoint beginning impulses.
Sheltered in its shadow is the smaller work ‘Tête’, whose short, clear structure appears to imply a counterweight.
Ultimately ‘Tête’ addresses sensuality just as much as ‘Aline et le corps sans tête’ addresses ratio, since again, a head cannot function without a body.
The distinction lies in the balance.
‘Tête’ was written for Michel Marang in 2007.