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“absinth” was inspired by the painting ‘Glass of Absinthe’ by Degas.
About the form: in a 7 minute-long sequence, Golden Section-structures succeed each other, leading to an intense climax, after which the work seems to disappear into a void; a small pianissimo afterthought follows and dissolves into silence.
Next, the piece paints a bare space (low rolls, high sinus wave, ‘high tension”-sound in the middle) in which half-decayed fragments from the first 7 minutes appear. Quite unexpectedly, the piece resuscitates for a short while, only to break off in the middle of this revival.
Red thread through this work is the “hammerblow”: symbol for willpower and anger.
“Absinth” is an exploration of golden sections, inspired by the work of Jan Boerman.
The material was generated with 5 tape recorders, a Vocoder, octave-filters, a ring modulator, the wonderful reverb panel in Studio 1 of the The Hague Conservatory and ample noise accumulations.
This material still turns up in my work, it’s of an unreal analogue beauty that seems unattainable with computers.