text to 37

One of my most rigid experiments, which is very dear to me.
A work with a minimum of material, lots of silence and waiting.
I am still looking for a way to present this piece, which i think one of my best, though it is also quite challenging for the audience.
Before presenting it, i need to find a way to explain how one should listen to this work.
Eyes staring, mind blank, with patience and without any expectation.


The title refers to the plan i had to stop composing for the musical practice, which until now i never did, and to continue making works for myself and call them ‘Note books ...’- as many as i wanted.
I wondered how it would be if, at the end of my life, i would leave some 70 books of ‘Notes’, all tapepieces, all very silent and simple, and probably about a 100 hours of music. Suddenly out of nowhere.

Similar to work 44 it would be a personal diary, but this one very abstract, with (almost) no reference to facts or persons.