.108 aardhand .107 alsof die steilte er niet toe doet .106 aarde .105 aki ga kuru .104 arnica cedar lake .103 allemand .102 air & sarabande .101 alpha es et O .100 apple on the sideboard .99 aVONDBOEK - NaCHTBOEK .98 adelwarths Schmetterlingfänger .97 at all, mainly.. .96 amber .95 a third scroll of malachite .94b amour .94 à Hanso-bo un corbeau apparaît et regarde .93 à Yushima .92 à Chevetogne .91 all this will be ours without asking .90 according to Bach .89 arbres qui ne jettent pas d'ombres .88 de optocht .87 anemoon tot wolk: .86 au pigeon soldat .85 across the purple abyss .84 ampersand (&) .83 accompaniment .82 a call from Berlin .81 and friends will start to come.. .80 a young woman came up to me .79 a set for barrel organ and friends .78 annette defintivement nue .77 afterthought .76 avec de faux yeux, je depasse le Sphinx .75 alles trekt langs de vloer aan mij voorbij .74 a dark green dress .73 all's well .72 annette offrant un bouquet de fleurs .71 automatic pieces .70 aantekening in Electra .69 a beautiful bed to lie down in .68 a la recherche du ballon rouge .67 anything .66 aujourd'hui tu seras avec Moi dans le paradis .65 autour de la foi .64 anthony of the desert .63 a song .62 achterna gedragen .61 and somewhere inbetween .60 all facing upwards .59 a tiny party at Luna's .58 augustusvogel .57 avvenne per caso in una pizzetta .56 a la Cour des Lilas .55 ain't no sunshine... .54 armando wordt oud .53 ange et cycliste .52 achter haar de tweede .51b anders terug... .51 18 proeven met kleine tertsen .50b autr'Orphée .50 aantekeningen van een zoogdier .49 (aline et le corps sans) Tête .48 attendre longtemps, je suis sans identite .47 alle afstand herleid .46 achtjes rennend rood hondje .45 aeolian harp .44 alles dat herinnert was gister soms later .43 and you my father... .42 Angel Alley .41 alles gezegd .40 Annette [1954] .39 a Dutimon .38 alpine .37 aantekeningen boek 1 & 2 .36 a way to remain silent .35 alle terre assenti... .34 angeli, angeli... .33 achterland .32 alcatraz .31 are you going out ? .30 andere route, hetzelfde zicht .29 a byla zima... .28 Annette dans l'atelier .27 achterom kijken .26 acteren, even niet acteren... .25 alles is daar wit... .24 als een zin .23 Atem küsst sich in die Luft .22 aan/uit .21 after prayers, lie cold .20 acqua, vive! .19 aandeel Pentagon .18 adieu, farewell, earths blisse... .17 aftekening .16 agnus Dei .15 adversitaries .14 actieradius 360 .13 augustus '90 .12 arena .11 collage IV .10 alpha .09 aandeel .08 aandeel Object .07 anthraciet .06 architectuur .05 alter ego .04 absinth .03 alsem .02 augenlust .01 away from

Piet-Jan van Rossum (1966, Delft, the Netherlands)

Piet-Jan van Rossum (25/01/66) studied composition with Louis Andriessen, Jan Boerman, Dick Raaymakers and Peter-Jan Wagemans, as well as the organ with Rienk Jiskoot.

 Van Rossum above all directs his attention to composing and writing. In his own words: “I look upon myself as a storyteller, as a member of an ancient tribe of shy, wild people who, through stories, sometimes succeed to create another way of experiencing time. My work comprises life as I live it: a piece of wood full of splinters, chunks of beauty and the fracturing or lack of it: lots of waiting, silences. This explains my fascination with scratched movies, lazy eyes, a broken voice, old gramophone-records. It’s all about looking for a novel beauty in the corrosion of an old (sound)world.”

 With director and visual artist Petra van der Schoot he founded music theatre group Zoogdier, creating a large production every 4 years (2007/11/15/17).

 In 2010 he was composer in focus at November Music resulting in the publication all and beyond by the festival.

 He has been chairman of Componisten 96, an association for composers, and recently accomplished the merger with composers association Geneco, resulting in a stronger and more professional Nieuw Geneco.

 Piet-Jan is a film – and bookcollector. His 80-reel collection of nitrate silent movies, some of them considered lost, are now kept at the Eye Filmmuseum.

His lifelong interest in theology leads him to monasteries once in a while, making the uninmaginable and the unseen regular subjects in his work.

 Next to 97 compositions he wrote 3 small books and made 1 movie.

 Most of his works are for unusual combinations of instruments; special ensembles were formed for special occasions. Next to that he has been and will be played by, a.o.: the Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Holland Symfonia, the David Kweksilber Bigband, MAE, slagwerk Den Haag, ASKO/Schönberg ensemble, the Ives ensemble, Lunatree (Lunapark), Ludwig, the Veni ensemble Bratislawa, ensemble Alpha Tokyo, ensemble Tokyo, Egidius kwartet, Ralph van Raat, Ilonka Kolthof, Reinier van Houdt and Arnold Marinissen.

Born in Delft (NL), since 2017 he divides his time between the Brabant countryside and Tokyo.